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Ever wonder how

Hidden Waters got it's name?

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In September of 1861, Texas Cavalry Regiment #12 was organized at Rockett Springs.

W. H. Parsons was elected as Colonel, John Mullens was elected as Lt. Colonel, and Emory W. Rogers (the founder of Waxahachie) was elected as major.  Three companies -E, F, H were formed. Part of the regiment bivouacked at Rockett Springs during the following winter known as Parson's Brigade. Companies from this regiment were active in the War Between the States. Rockett Springs is located two miles north from Rockett on Bells Chapel Road. The water from the spring had been in use for the area from early on. It is located on the farm of the late Marion T. Rockett. Through the years Rockett Springs was used as a meeting place for picnics and church activities.

The Spring still flows today and is the source of the two beautiful ponds at Hidden Waters.

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